Ideas 4 Action

Be a part of the solution and work towards Peace, Acceptance, Respect and Knowledge.

Take Action... Get Involved.


A person who stands up for something and does what they think is right, even if they stand alone.


A person who inactively stands by and does nothing.



  • Look at our own actions and language to see if you’re adding to the problem in anyway.
  • Get help if you’re a victim or being violent.
  • Hold a peace week at your school.
  • Participate in the Anti-violence/ Peace Club at your school.
  • If your school doesn’t already have one, start a club to address anti-violence, bullying, and peace. Contact us to help you get started.
  • Bullying, discrimination and hate hurts. Make sure that others know it too.
  • Support friends if they need help getting away from a violent relationship.
  • Speak up if you see dating violence happening.
  • Different months of the year are designated for awareness. For example, February is Teen Dating Awareness Month. Find a group that’s participating or make an activity yourself in support.
  • Most communities have a local domestic violence program, and they always need help and support.
  • Volunteer your time and talents! Encourage support for the organizations in your community.


  • Encourage family members, teachers and other adults in your life to talk about the issues.
  • Document your story- Let people know they are not alone in their issues.
  • Pictures are powerful- Take pictures of the issues and share them.
  • Listen and respect one another regardless of differences.


  • Don’t make fun of people’s differences.
  • Respect and abide by people’s healthy boundaries.
  • No means NO!
  • When someone asks you to stop, please STOP!
  • Agree to disagree.
  • Don’t spread rumors.
  • Challenge offensive jokes.
  • When disagreements come up, talk things out.
  • Model healthy relationships.


  • Visit a website to learn more about a specific issue.
  • Hold an event to learn and bring attention to the issues
  • Listen to each other’s stories and experiences.
  • Make a cause page on Facebook.


"Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write." — John Adams